Pin-up Girl @ Macarthur Textile Network (Guest Speaker Event)

At the end of my artist talk at the Macarthur Textile Network on Saturday one of the lovely ladies in the audience told me that I am a pin-up girl to them because I have dedicated myself to my practice and am pursuing a creative career.

I LOVED that!

Such a nice way of looking at it and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

No doubt this will be a memory to draw on at times when I am feeling challenged.

In the week leading up to this particular artist talk I found myself thinking... "Why did I agree to do this?", and, "Camden is a long way to go to give a one hour talk".

I tried to be positive by telling myself things like "this is a good opportunity to share your work", and, "this will be another great opportunity to practice public speaking".... but the thought of "it's such a long way to go" kept creeping back.

Thankfully my partner agreed to drive down with me so we could make a day of it and so that it wouldn't feel like a chore. We arrived early, meandered down the main street and admired the historic buildings, and then I even picked up a lovely new (to me) purse from Vinnies.

By the time we were due at the Macarthur Textile Network I was feeling good about having done something different with my Saturday (and of course feeling especially good about finding a replacement for my old tattered purse). The group was finishing their meeting with a show and tell of exhibitions and works they had found inspiring.

I felt happy to be there and I felt an affinity with these women.

As I was waiting to start found myself thinking about doing well so my presentation would be worthy of their time... at this point the nerves started to kick in.

I started getting nervous and then made the mistake of telling myself I was nervous. It wasn't very conducive to a strong start to my presentation.

My nerves took over, my voice got shaky and I lost my train of thought. I made it worse by repeating "Oh I'm so nervous".

Fortunately for me I was presenting to a group of kind-hearted and supportive textile fans who encouraged me to keep going. And I did. Once I got past the initial 5 minutes of my talk I found my groove and then I was fine.

In fact - I was more than fine; I felt GREAT!!! I love talking about macramé and it is especially fun when people are genuinely interested in hearing all about it and my creative journey.

Note to future self: remember how enjoyable interacting with your peers can be rather than fretting about the distance and time it might take for you to get to an event.

So I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Macarthur Textile Network for inviting me and a thank you to all of you who have been in to one of my artist talks.

Please know that you have given me support and encouragement to continue pursuing a creative career.

Each time I have done a presentation I have been graced with such positive feedback about my work which has left me with a full heart and more motivation.

For more information about the Macarthur Textile Network visit

Also be sure not to miss their up coming bienalle exhibition "Textiles - Time for a Change" to be held at the Campbelltown Arts Centre from the 11th-22nd of May 2016.

I am now feeling excited about my next guest speaker event at ATASDA South and will make a conscious effort to take on the constructive feedback (not to talk myself or my work down) and I am also going to try doing the wonder woman 'power pose' before I start my presentation.

Hopefully it gets be past that initial 5 minute nervy part of my talk!

Have you heard of power poses? My friend Margaret Park recently recommended I watch this great TED talk by Amy Cuddy about the impact our body postures have on our minds (if you had of been in the room with me just now you would have seen me suddenly sit up straighter as I typed). It's really interesting and worth watching.

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