Petite Miniature Textile Exhibition

I am happy to announce that a small series of my work has been accepted in to the Petite Miniature Textile Exhibition. :-) !

These are miniature variations on a large brooch I made for my graduate exhibition Continuum last year. The original concept was derived from teachings on spiritual alchemy and the treasures to be found within.

These magnetic brooches (pictured below) are made using recycled silver hidden within off-cuts of waxed thread. The form and texture of each piece is created through a repetition of clove hitches (knots) and sewing. I have posted a couple of photos of the process in another blog post for you interest.

This is the 5th biennial Petite – Miniature Textiles exhibition held at the Wangaratta Art Gallery and will run from the 4th of June to the 17th of July. The exhibition showcases contemporary textiles from around Australia.

Do be sure to go if you are in the area!

More information can be found at


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