Exclusion/Inclusion Series | Process

I have had a lot of people interested in learning more about how I made the necklace series titled 'Exclusion/Inclusion' so here are a few behind the scenes photographs that give some insight into the process of making them. If you click on each photo you will be able to see a brief explanation of each step.

I made these in the 2nd year of my studies in jewellery design. During this semester we were learning lost wax casting techniques which is why I made these pieces out of wax models.

I think if I was to recreate this design I would try it directly through fabrication and soldering in the hopes that it would be easier and I could dedicate less hours to cleaning and polishing as I had to with these post casting.

Interested in seeing the final outcome and learning more about the concept?

You can here:

You can also find me on Facebook or Instagram where I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the design and or process.


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