Exclusion/Inclusion Series | Photos + Concept

I made this series during my second year of jewellery design (our brief was based on looking at ideas of beauty and ugliness).

This concept was inspired by conversations with a foreign friend living in Sydney who was experiencing discrimination and exclusion.

I hope this explanation gives you some insight in to the design elements I have used to express the concept and symbology behind the design.

Community = Inclusion = Beauty Feelings of love, support and sharing spring to mind when reflecting on being part of a community. Ultimately there is harmony and fluidity when people come together, connect and offer each other support. Through marvelling at the sense of belonging and kinship that comes with this inclusion, one can understand the meaning of beauty being an emotion. The dynamics of inclusion are translated into the design with 3 layers of interlocking circles. Here the circles represent individuals and the connections they share. Crafted with wax and cast in silver the interlocking circles have been soldered into a circular frame symbolic of the community to which the individuals belong – thus creating the ‘community’ pendant. Discrimination = Exclusion = Ugliness Whilst overall the feelings within a community are that of beauty, ugliness is experienced as an emotion when thinking of discrimination as a negative aspect that can emerge from exclusivity within these groups. Feelings of anger, frustration and disappointment bubble up when witnessing individuals being victimized and outcast due to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and other perceived differences. This ugly exclusion and isolation of individuals from communities is portrayed in the design as a single circle, detached from the ‘community’ pendant. Varying textures and colours have been used throughout the necklace series to represent the perceived differences between the ‘communities’ and ‘individuals’, however, ultimately they are all the same base shape signifying all individuals being the same at their core. Despite to the ‘individual’ circle not being directly attached to the ‘community’ pendant – a silk thread, representational of the invisible threads that ultimately connect us. This is placed around the wearer’s neck, the ‘individual’ circle then slides into the ‘community’ pendant and acts as a locking mechanism to hold the necklace in place. Beauty and ugliness are experienced as emotions when reflecting on community and discrimination. This necklace series titled ‘Exclusion/Inclusion’ has been designed to give wearers opportunity to reflect on this concept through interacting with their jewellery piece. The choice is yours; Exclusion or Inclusion?

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