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Have you ever intuitively/randomly opened a book only to read the exact thing you were needing at that time?

...Recently I have been found that I am hearing exactly what I need at the right time.

My soul sister, Julie Brett @forestspiritjewelry, also works from her home studio and recommended listening to podcasts while working. I remember her saying it helped her to get out of her own head for a while.

Working home alone can be quite solitary and as nice as it is to have time and space to think and create... too much of anything can send your world spinning out of balance.

As some of you may have seen in an earlier post I started @mydailysoulshineproject to combat feelings of isolation and get me out of the house/connecting with my new neighbourhood.

I have also found that listening to podcasts has continuously helped me to feel connected and have a sense of belonging.

And it just so happens that I keep listening to the podcasts at the exact time I am needing to hear certain messages in my one life!

Listening to people who share similar values or are going through similar life experiences makes me feel as though I am part of something bigger than my little island...

One of the podcasts that Julie recommended, and I thoroughly enjoyed and found immensely helpful, was 'Magic Lessons' by Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love).

I know. I have written about Liz's podcast in the past...

...sometimes it takes a few synchronistic moments of reading/hearing about something before we follow up on it... ;-)

The second season of 'Magic Lessons' was recently released and last Wednesday I found myself being called to listen to the first episode.

I laughed.

I cried.

I sent out blessings to the wonderful women whose words had touched my soul.

I wanted to write this blog about it then and there so sat at the computer and was surprised when the words didn't come out.

(I will write more about this episode and the amazing Sarah Jones in the future)

That afternoon I was in the car, excited to hear the next new episode. I pressed play and started driving before I realised that I had accidentally pressed play on a episode from the first season.

I almost pulled over to change it but heard the little voice that had wanted to write a blog about how "everything happens for a reason"... haha. I kept driving.

I had heard the episode before and by goodness did I need to hear it again... YES!

I also kept thinking of friends whom I thought would also resonate with Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert's words of wisdom.

So that is why I found myself here again trying to write about the magical podcasts and things happening for a reason!

I will end my blog here with Brene's final words:

"You are a born maker and we need what you can bring us because you are the only one who can bring it" - Brene Brown

If you have ever opened a book and read exactly what you needed to hear then you know you have found yourself reading this blog post for a reason!

Here is the link. Quick follow it now while you can :-)

(Elizabeth Gilbert + Brene Brown Brown: Season 1, Episode 12)


Tanya xo

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