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Here is the newest installment of photos I have shared on Instagram.

The scenic photos are from post season adventures in Fiji. I worked over there for 3 months (2008) and then had the great pleasure of spending an extra month exploring the islands.

Photo credits to Paul Cole + Alice Bowen. Thank you for all the special memories ♡

It was a wonderful time of connection with nature, people and, well... my own soul.

I chose to share them with these photos of my time in Fiji because it was a time of soul searching and connectivity.

The necklaces were part of my major work last year. The design was inspired by research on Spiritual Alchemy and Indra's Net.

I really like that the pendant is also the clasp. It started as a chenier (silver tube) which I shaped, sawed, drilled and polished.

Having the pendant/clasp at the front means that the beautiful pattern, created by a repetition of square knots with fine nylon, is visible right around the neck.

○○○ Tanya

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