Grove Magazine Q&A

Here are few excepts from my recent Q&A with Grove Magazine.

(Thank you for your thoughtful interview questions Grovers)

You mention using ethical and sustainable practices in your creations. Can you explain some of these?

The first exhibition piece I ever made was for the ‘Waste to Art’ category of the Warringah Art Exhibition.

I have since participated in the exhibition annually and have made neck-pieces that have a focus on environmental matters using discarded materials.

As my practice has evolved through my studies I’ve become more aware of ethical and sustainable issues within the industry and am constantly learning new ways to be greener in what I do.

Where something has come from and how it has been sourced is very important to me, along with the processes used within the workshop and the final packaging/display of my work.

Values-driven art – what does that mean? What are values you often incorporate into your work?

For me values-driven art means creating pieces that emerge from, or have a focus on, my personal values of integrity, personal development, spiritual growth, community and social responsibility.

I feel I incorporate these values into my work through my conceptual development and actions as a maker.

What do you want people to learn from your art?

I would consider my work successful if it manages to be an alternate medium by which people can engage with the issues we face in modern society.

People don’t have to love my pieces, but if the work provokes thoughts, conversations and mindfulness relating to the concept then happy dance for me :-)

How do you think people can help the marine environment?

Ghandi’s quote “be the change you wish to see in the world” comes to mind.

For me helping the environment is utilising the wealth of information we have at our fingertips to inspire and motivate positive lifestyle choices… going green one step at a time and staying true to your vision.

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