My Maker's Mark

maker's mark


"An identifying mark struck by the maker on a piece of gold, silver, or plate."

"Maker's Mark - Definition Of Maker's Mark In English From The Oxford Dictionary" N.p., 2016. Web. 7 June 2016.

It feels very symbolic (har har) that the design of my maker's mark has finally come to me.

You wouldn't guess by looking at it but I have drawn countless sketches and ideas over the past 3+ years to reach this conclusion.

Trying to find a symbol that is representative of me and my work has been trickier than expected. Especially when it needs to be simple enough to be scaled down to a mere .5mm in size for stamping on jewellery.

Here's my final design:

Why I'm feeling so chuffed:

1. My initials TDS can be found within the design

2. I have had a long standing love of circles and their rich symbolism

(it was a must to incorporate a circle in to the design)

3. The design is made up of three lines and has three parts

(three is my number as well as being very symbolic to me)

I also love it because of it's minimal simplicity...

and it corresponds with my silva + string logo and production line. win win!


So there you have it.

My maker's mark at last.. just in time for this new chapter in my career.

Do keep an eye out for my maker's mark on any piece of art and wearables that I make from here on in (like a signature).

Happy vibes your way,



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