Nature's Music @ Symphony Exhibition

○○○ Evermore I am understanding that nature is at the core of my spiritual and creative practice which brings a sense of harmony into my life. Since moving to the Illawarra in 2016 I have found great joy in my daily walks in “nature-church”. The energy is uplifting, clears my mind and helps me to get clarity through presence, this in turn enables me to move deeper in my understanding of and connection with self, others and Oneness.

This series of necklaces is made utilising leaves collected during these daily walks in nature. Threaded on to a length of braided cord, the design enables each necklace to be worn in multiple styles. Over time the dried leaves will disintegrate leaving behind only the leaves that have been cast in recycled sterling silver. When not in use these necklaces can also be displayed as a miniature wall/window hangings.

Initially I tried not to overanalyse my idea for the design of these pieces but rather operate from a place of presence and intuition. In retrospect, I see the leaves on the thread remind me of musical notes on a sheet of music and my heart sings in symphony with the following quote by Hazrat Inayat Khan:

“When we pay attention to nature’s music we find that everything on earth contributes to its harmony”

○○○ Tanya

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