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○○○ This project has been very hush hush but La Mariposa had her first reveal yesterday so I can now share some pictures too!

La Mariposa was passed between seven different Australian artists who had the opportunity to contribute a component in response to the project theme La Mariposa from Clarissa Pinkola Estes book Women Who Run With The Wolves and the work of the previous artists.

La Mariposa

(initial concept by Anzara Clark)

1. Bodice by Deb Hiller

2. Skirt by Sue Sacchero

3. Necklace by Tanya da Silva

4. Headpiece by Philomena Hali

5. Hand accesories by Larissa Murdock

6. Wings by Stephanie Powell

7. Cocoon by Louise Wells

Thank you so much to Anzara Clark (the brain child of La Mariposa), Wearable Art Mandurah, & Barbara Thoms for making the Wearable Art Whispers project possible.

Thank you also to all the talented artists (listed above) who brought La Mariposa to life.

La Mariposa will appear in the Wearable Art Mandurah showcase, many events and will feature at the Perth Craft and Quilt Fair.

It was such a pleasure to be a part of this project and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to try something a little different.

I want to you know that I have long admired wearable art garments but had only ever worked on a much smaller scale with my wearable art jewellery pieces. Participating in the whispers project and having insight to the different processes really inspired me to have a go at making a garment. So thank you!

And of course thank you Barb for the positive feedback on my creations and the extra nudge(s) of encouragement for me to start on a solo project (stay tuned for photos of Limitandi coming soon!)

Tickets for the Wearable Art Mandurah Showcase are on sale now and are available from Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, in person at the Box Office, or by phone on (08) 9550 3900.​​

Below: La Mariposa's first reveal at Forrest Chase Mall.

Modeled by Tash from DTX Dance Studios |

Photos courtesy of WAFTA |


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