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Made as a performance dance piece ‘Limitandi’ expresses the idea that wherever we go we’ll take our perceived barriers with us when they are born of our own limiting thoughts. In this instance, the very process of trying to make the garment informed its conceptual development as I constantly found myself pushing through negative self-talk about my capacity as a maker. In the final design repetition, line and negative space have been used to convey the concept of personal barriers created by limiting thoughts. This garment is made from salvaged and recycled materials including electrical cable and nylon cord.

Well. This is a bit different from my other creations isn't it?

I have long admired wearable art garments and this year I had the opportunity create one for the Mandurah Wearable Art Showcase.

It all started with participating in the Mandurah Wearable Art Whispers Project late last year. I applied to be a part of the project because I felt an affinity with the theme La Mariposa and loved the idea of collaborating with artists from around Australia in bringing her character to life.

Another reason why I applied to be a part of the whispers project was because I wanted to make a garment but felt overwhelmed at the prospect of doing it all by myself...

... until I participated in the whispers project and then received some encouraging words to create my own piece for the showcase that is!

Looking at the photos below I can only think how straight forward and easy I've made the process look... but the truth is; creating this garment consumed many many hours of my time and required A LOT of problem solving (and courage to tackle self doubt).

At the end of the day I am happy to have had the experience of creating Limitandi and am thrilled that it was selected to be a part of the Wearable Art Mandurah Showcase this weekend.

I would like to thank all of you who have helped, supported and encouraged me during this project with special thanks to:

○ Barbara Thoms for your encouragement

Anzara Clark for La Mariposa and the whispers project

Jude Skeers for the lengths of reclaimed electrical cable used in this piece

○ Lachlan Tumeth for your support and patience during the project

○ Dave Thomas for donating the salvaged nylon and your fabulous photography and Vanessa Sheard for being Dave's awesome assistant

○ Mum for collecting the garment and making sure it got to Mandurah while we were overseas

Wearable Art Mandurah for hosting such a fabulous event

And thank you to whomever may be reading this for taking the time to do so!

If you would like to read more about the process of making Limitandi please click on the individual photos in the gallery below. (See top of this page for concept statement)

○○○ Tanya

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